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How to Keep the Floors Clean in Your Store

One of the biggest issues that many retail store owners face is keeping the floors of their establishments clean. Obviously, store owners are pleased when more and more customers walk in through the doors to buy their products. However, as more customers start shopping at your store, the challenges of keeping your location clean will also increase. For many people, shopping is an experience. Regardless of what you are selling, customers will expect the place to be clean, properly managed and well-maintained at all times. Have you ever noticed the specific manner in which goods are placed in retail stores? You will find food items very close to the checkout counters, so that shoppers can buy whatever they need to eat on the go at the end of their shopping trip.

One of the biggest challenges that you will face as a retail store owner is keeping the floors clean. People generally walk in with dirty shoes and feet that might leave marks on the marble or tiled flooring. If the floors aren’t cleaned immediately, you might end up losing customers because of the mess. Most retail store owners can’t afford to hire cleaners who will be present at the premises throughout all business hours. This is one of the main reasons why most retail store owners generally prefer choosing different maintenance programs to keep the floors clean. One of the most popular ways to keep the floors clean is to opt for a strip and seal solution.

What are Strip and Seal?

Many cleaning companies generally offer this service to stores of many different sizes. The services are offered to retail stores starting from 500 square metres and going as high as 2,000 square metres. In many cases, companies prefer stripping and sealing the floor before the retail location even opens. Obviously, the work is done outside of the conventional retailing hours in order to ensure that there’s no disruption and no aisles are sealed off.

The process entails many steps, but is actually quite simple. The cleaning company will first start by thoroughly cleaning the surface. Once the surface has been properly cleaned, the company will then use specialised machines in order to prepare the surface. An additional layer of sealant is applied on the floor in order to prevent stains from falling into the cracks and crevices. The sealant is properly buffed and polished in order to make the floor look glossy.

Floors Clean in Your Store


Luckily, this isn’t a one-time service. Even though your floors will remain considerably cleaner than before, the sealant will begin to wear off after a while with normal traffic. In stores that enjoy more circulation, it would probably be a wise idea to sign a monthly cleaning contract. The cleaning company will arrive at the retail store at a specific date and time every month and re-seal the floors, and they will take a fixed fee. Obviously, if you sign a contract for a year, you might be eligible for a long-term discount. You should get quotes from two or three different companies before making a decision about which cleaning company to hire.