Rewarding Your Employees

Running a business can be difficult. You have to manage your overhead, keep your customers happy, and somehow find time to continually look for ways to expand your services. One of the keys to success is building a competent team. It can be tough to build a skilled team, however, if your team members are constantly leaving for greener pastures. A key way to retain employees and reduce turnover is by offering great, informal perks to working with you.

While some companies prefer unexpected cash bonuses, a great way to win over your employees’ hearts is through entertainment. Movie tickets are great, but not really a high value item and might not make your employees jump for joy. A gift card to restaurant is okay, but it probably won’t inspire a lot of loyalty.

When you are thinking about the perfect gift item to get your employees to inspire them to stay with you as long as possible, think about what items really make people love life. If you can find a way to make your employees associate working with you with the things they love, then you are going to be able to hold onto them for a much longer time. If your employees stick with you for longer amounts of time, you can keep highly skilled employees that know how to work with your customers best.

One of the best gifts to get employees, if your goal is to keep them around for the long term, is a ticket to a show they are excited about. It’s pretty easy to figure out what kinds of music your employee likes to listen to. If you don’t allow music in the workplace, see if you can be a bit flexible. If the work environment doesn’t allow it, try checking in with your employee once in awhile.

Once you find out what bands your employee really likes, head over to Ticket Liquidators and score on tickets for cheap. Your employee never need know that you bought discount tickets, and will think you are gifting them something worth hundreds of dollars. This actually can be a lot cheaper than a year end bonus. On top of that, tickets to a once in a lifetime show definitely beat out $50 at the end of the year.